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Readers can write to Menna van Praag at:

Publicity and media contact:

For: All Books (UK)

Lesley Crooks

Allison and Busby Ltd

12 Fitzroy Mews

For: The House at the End of Hope Street (US)

Rebecca Lang
Publicist. Viking / Penguin
375 Hudson Street, 4th floor
New York, NY 10014

For: The Dress Shop of Dreams & The Witches of Cambridge (US)

Alex Coumbis
Publicist. Random House / Ballantine Bantam Dell
1745 Broadway, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10019

For foreign rights, film and TV rights contact:

Andrea Cirillo & Christina Hogrebe
Jane Rotrosen Agency
318 East 51st Street
New York, NY 10022


Menna loves reading almost as much as writing. She also loves receiving books (and chocolate) in the post. But she also has her own books to write, and a young son to play with, so can’t promise to read everything she’s sent. However, she will do her very best. Of course, upon reading your book she can’t promise she’ll love it, though fingers crossed on that front too…

Bookclub requests:

Menna adores book clubs and, time permitting, will usually be delighted to join in virtually. It’s unlikely she’ll be able to join you physically unless you happen to live down the street or, possibly, if you’re offering a particularly tantalizing selection of tea and cakes.