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“Writing is the art of applying the ass to the seat.” ― Dorothy Parker

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Day #20. Whatever it is you want to do, whatever dream you want to fulfill, keep taking the steps to achieve it. It’s no use dreaming of being an author if you don’t write at least a few words every day. Don’t be put off by baby steps. Think of this: if you write a page a day for a year then you’ll have a novel by the end of 2015. A page a day for the next 89 days will give you a novella the size of Men, Money & Chocolate. Pretty good, huh? And, if you don’t want to write then you most likely won’t be applying your ass to the seat – probably quite the opposite – but the metaphor remains the same!

“You are your best thing.” ― Toni Morrison

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Day #19. Everyone underestimates themselves. And, since we don’t see our own gifts, it helps to employ the eyes of friends or mentors – people you trust to see the truth. But, even then, to be told we’re lovely & amazing can, strangely, be a hard thing to hear. Most of us have a low threshold for compliments. But, once we start believing how brilliant we are, then we’re able to do anything!

“Your will shall decide your destiny.” ― Charlotte Brontë

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Day #17 If you want to do anything against the odds you must have great strength of will. You must be stubborn. Dogged. Tenacious. Determined. Resolute. Stalwart. Steadfast. Unfaltering. Committed. So, if you’re setting out to publish a novel, or something similar, then you need to find your inner sense of steel first!

“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.” ― Doris Lessing

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Day #16. If you wait for everything in your life to line up before you act, you’ll be waiting forever. Nearly everyone who’s achieved something significant has overcome great odds to do it. So, whatever your circumstances are, don’t let them stop you. & if you ever find yourself bemoaning your state, just think of all those who’ve gone before you who never gave up. Be inspired by their example & take their courage & determination for yourself!

“Success is like reaching an important birthday – and finding you’re exactly the same.” Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Day #14. I used to believe that being published would change my life and me. I believed this all the years I was writing, right up until my first book was published. I had a spectacular launch party. My cheeks hurt from smiling. But, when all the cake had been eaten, I realised I’d been wrong. I felt exactly the same as before, nothing had changed. Success isn’t going to save you. The way you feel now is the way you’ll feel then. When you realise that you can enjoy success for what it is – the icing on the cake.

Success is a journey, not a destination. – Steve Frazier